Panther Community AMA with Co-Founders Oliver & Anish's transcript

Panther Community AMA with Co-Founders Oliver & Anish's transcript

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This is a transcript of the AMA session conducted in the Panther Protocol Telegram community on December 16th. We thank Oliver and Anish, co-founders of Panther Protocol, for their time and effort in addressing the community questions and feedback.

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Andrew (Head of Marketing): Hi Panthers, some of you already know me — I’m the head of marketing at Panther Protocol. I’m going to be your AMA host today, and we’re going to have both co-founders of Panther sharing insights on the progress and addressing your questions.

We understand that some of the topics are more important than others, especially those one’s around timing, TGE, LaunchDAO, and listings.

So I’m going to start the AMA with the most important questions to our knowledge, and we’ll have Oliver and Anish address them first. Once we finish that, we will let the community lead the AMA up until 1 PM EST.

Please meet Oliver Gale, CEO and Dr. Anish Mohammed, CTO Co-Founders, Panther Protocol.

Anish: Hi all :)

Oliver: Hi everyone, hope you’re doing well.

Andrew: So I’ll start with some of the questions we had often asked on this channel.

1. Why do you choose to do LaunchDAO (instead of just going straight to TGE)?

Oliver: The Panther protocol will be deployed and launched privately and trustlessly by the LaunchDAO, or not, as the voters — the Panther protocol Community members who have successfully passed KYC to participate in our private or public rounds — will decide. LaunchDAO aligns to our values of a decentralized, democratic, private community governed protocol and enables these values to be put into practice right from inception.

Anish: Its the first time that a DAO has been launched this way. And protocol for that matter.

Oliver: Putting all of these qualities together, we feel this is a big value add to the Panther story.

2. Why have you delayed the TGE launch?

Anish: Its going to be a long answer

We’re acting in the community’s best interest to make sure the DAO is legally and technically sound — this involves us taking extra measures to launch the DAO in a fully decentralized manner by letting the community vote in favor of Panther protocol launching.

However, in doing so, we’re pioneering the space and developing the new DeFi primitives that previously did not exist and never have been tested. In addition, we want to make sure a proper audit and testing is in place. These actions require more time than simply launching the ZKP token smart contract. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding of this matter.

Some sense of timeline and reasoning in graphical sense for the visually oriented:

The current plan is to have Registration process for LaunchDAO will start on Monday, December 20th 2pm GMT. Between that date and the 24th, the $Pre-ZKP claiming functionality will be deployed and the community will be able to claim their $Pre-ZKP which will be used for voting. We have a break for a couple of days for the holidays and on December 27th 2pm GMT, voting starts and happens for 3 days until the end of the 29th. We then have a cool down period to run checks and prepare for a possible TGE (if voters say YES) on the 4th of January, 2pm GMT.

3. How am I going to be rewarded for participating in LaunchDAO?

Oliver: We have decided to incentivize the voters in LaunchDAO with 500,000 ZKP tokens. There are 14,000 community members who have successfully performed KYC to participate in our private or public rounds.

The ZKP Voting Rewards Formula is: 500,000 ZKP / Number of Voters

The rewards will range from 35 ZKP (if all 14,000 KYCd community members vote) to 25,000 ZKP (if the minimum number of 20 votes take place). We encourage everyone to participate — the more registrants and voters, the higher the level of decentralization.

4. What exchanges will the ZKP token be listed on?

Anish: We apologise ahead of time for this — we can’t disclose listing names due to legal constraints. However, we can confirm that we are finalizing agreements with some of the most reputable CEXs and DEX protocols at this point. The goal here is to have exchanges ready to go from day one from the TGE. Please stay tuned to our announcements.

5. Do you have any plans for staking ZKP tokens?

Anish: Yes! Our tech team has been hard at work very hard ( even on weekends) developing our staking and rewards program for $ZKP. While we can’t say much about it at this time, we promise that we will have a very comprehensive and well incentivized program for you at launch. This should be announced very soon.

6. Am I obligated to vote at LaunchDAO?

Oliver: Absolutely not. Voting is a historic event and we know we have an incredibly engaged community, so we would encourage you to vote and take an active role in the protocol, but voting for Panther DAO is a voluntary action and is not a requirement even if you’ve purchased ZKP tokens.

7. Why should I vote for Panther DAO?

Oliver: A majority of votes in favor will turn on the engines of our ZKP token. The Panther protocol will be deployed and launched privately and trustlessly by LaunchDAO, or not, as the voters — the Panther protocol KYC’d Private and Public Sale participants — will decide. My opinion is the world deserves and needs Panther protocol and that’s reason enough to see it in production.

Andrew: Thanks for sharing all the answers Oliver and Anish! I’m sure this clarity means a lot for everyone in the chat. I think we’re good to go and see what the community is up to. Everyone, please, feel free to ask your questions now. Please note, we have another ~13 minutes before the hard stop (1 PM EST / 6 PM UTC).

8. Which one of these aspects is important for you? 1-Increasing Token Price & Value 2-Empowering Platform Development 3-Building Community Trust 4-Expanding Partnership Globally In what order?

Oliver: I would say the order is: 3. 2. 4. in that order and the byproduct is 1.

9. Is there a possibility to make the PREZKP an NFT or can we exchange it for an NFT?

Oliver: It’s something we have thought about but the answer is no preZKP will be an ERC20 token today. Later, if we do an NFT drop or project that token may be relevant.

10. What will happen if we vote not to launch? It will be repeated vote until it gets released?

Oliver: There are multiple ways to view community engagement. If the KYCed community members decide not to launch Panther protocol then the next logical group to engage on the question is the ZKP token holders themselves, as they would ultimately be the governors of Panther anyway. If ZKP token holders vote against launching Panther then that would be a final decision.

11. I got 2 questions; 1) Can you tell us a bit more about the Certik audits regarding the protocol? 2) Will Panther use multiple MASP pools depending on which chain it’s connected to or is the multi zAsset pool 1 huge liquidity pool for all zAssets? When are we able to learn more about the infrastructure regarding this?

Anish: Sure we shall surely share when we are done with all the components

Oliver: Regarding 1. Certik audits — our audit with Certik is in progress and we are waiting on the completion of the component for the staking contracts. The token and vesting contracts are audit completed.

Regarding 2. There are two ways to approach this and the decision on which to advance first will be decided by the team in January. The first way is to have all liquidity connected by what we consider the “hubchain”, the quicker to market way is to deploy siloed MASPs and then connect the liquidity later. The tradeoffs are the time to interchain private DEX

12. 1) If the community votes for the DAO, can you please elaborate a bit how the decision making process look like from there on?

2) Does it mean Panther will be stired by the DAO exclusively or votes will only happen on some decisions?

3) I imagine the core team will still be working as usual, and then present the DAO with proposals that can be voted on?

Oliver: Hi Simon, once LaunchDAO approves Panther’s launch, all future governance decisions will go through the Panther DAO, voted on by ZKP holders and our team will work in service of the Panther DAO, submitting proposals to be voted on in the usual decentralized manner

13. Just curious why are we voting on whether or not to launch the protocol? Why would someone vote not to go forward with the project.

Oliver: Decentralisation. We expect this to become a new industry standard.

Andrew: Dear Panthers, thank you so much for your time today. It’s 1 PM EST, and unfortunately, we can’t move further to address all of the questions by co-founders. However, our marketing/community teams will do their best to address the remaining questions.

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