$ZKP Advanced Staking incentivized testing is now LIVE!

Advanced $ZKP Staking Testing with 100,000 $ZKP in staking rewards is starting today. Welcome to Panther Zafari’s Beta!

$ZKP Advanced Staking incentivized testing is now LIVE!

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Dear Panthers,

We’re almost ready to debut Advanced Staking, an essential piece of our ambitious process to roll out Multi-Asset Shielded Pools (MASPs). Advanced Staking will also contribute to helping $ZKP holders earn a passive income on their tokens as we roll out more features and list our token in more crypto exchanges.  

Before that, however, a critical step needs to be completed first: Testing.

As we prepare to push Advanced Staking into Mainnet, the Panther development team wants you to get involved with testing it, earning rewards for it. For this, we’re rolling out the Beta for our incentivized testnet program, Panther Zafari.

From May 19th until the 26th, Advanced Staking testers will be the first users to test the protocol on the Mumbai Polygon Testnet, interact directly with the Panther team to provide feedback. And to make this process all the more enticing, we’ve attached 100,000 $ZKP in rewards to it!

What’s unique about Advanced Staking?

Advanced Staking is an intermediate step towards Panther’s v1 (or Panther Core), which includes a MASP solution. As in any crypto staking program, users will need to deposit their tokens into a non-custodial smart contract.

Users of Advanced Staking will generate $zZKP rewards that will contribute to the privacy set of the protocol’s first MASP upon Panther Core’s launch. By generating $zZKP, they will become the first users of the protocol once it launches, creating a seamless transition into Panther’s next phase.

Deploying Advanced Staking also allows the Panther team to roll out features used within MASPs (zk SNARK-enabled private asset pools) that eventually enable key protocol functionalities in a setting similar to real-life conditions. All the rewards from Advanced Staking will be calculated in a MASP, and redeemable at the end of the staking period.

Users can unstake their staked assets in Advanced Staking after thirty days of staking them.

In summary, rewards from Advanced Staking can be classified into two groups:

a. $zZKP in a MASP. This reward is calculated similarly to Classic Staking, but created as a transaction in the MASP. You will be able to redeem $zZKP for ZKP tokens using the Withdraw option at the end of the Advanced Staking period.

b. PRPs (Panther Reward Points). This additional reward, aimed toward incentivizing Advanced Staking, will also be created in the Shielded Pool as a calculation based on the number of $zZKP for a given user. Users will be able to convert PRPs to $zZKP(or $ZKP) using the Reward Converter when the core protocol (Panther Core V1) launches.

How will testing work?

Thanks to Panther Zafari’s Beta, anyone can provide feedback of any kind to the Panther team. You can participate in our rewards program to report:

  • UI errors.
  • Incorrect flows.
  • Incorrect or No Error messages.
  • Screen freezes.
  • Screes not appearing.
  • MetaMask errors.
  • Logic or functionality errors.
  • Smart contract bugs.

The technical team will assess each issue reported and classify each report, distributing rewards accordingly on Polygon. These will be calculated based on the following parameters:

  • Proof of testing through the creation of $zZKP and PRPs.
  • Number of test cycles run.
  • Number of relevant feedback points provided.
  • Number of relevant, existing bugs/issues reported.

Here’s how to participate

To take part in the program, you should:

  1. Claim 50 test ZKP tokens via our faucet. (NOTE: the faucet is not live yet; Panther will provide a link to it on May 20th. In this period of time, if you want to start testing, you can use an unclaimed account from this document, just make sure you properly log in that you’re utilizing it to be eligible for rewards). These test tokens will help you take the actions you require within the Mumbai Testnet and hold no value outside of it.
  2. Claim free $MATIC to pay for gas fees for the Mumbai Testnet via Polygon’s faucet
  3. Navigate to our dApp.
  4. Stake ZKP tokens in the Staking Tab. Verify that this updates the Balance card. Note that the period for staking ends on May 22nd.
  5. Unstake ZKP tokens:

i. Withdraw only your principal amount (the digital assets you originally contributed).

ii. Verify that you’re only able to do this after our lock date (May 23rd).

6. Review and check that your Balance card showcases:

i. The correct staked amount.

ii. An updated amount when tokens are unstaked.

7. Check your $zZKP and PRP balance on your Dashboard screen:

i. Withdraw/redeem your $zZKP rewards. You should only be allowed to do this after the Withdraw Start date (May 24th/25th).

ii. After withdrawing, verify that you no longer have withstanding $zZKP and that you do have withstanding PRPs.

8. Validate that the Balance card on the Staking page updates.

If you find a bug:

  1. Fill out our bug report form,
  2. If your report is relevant, you’ll get a notification from the Panther team. You’ll be able to track a reported bug and the solutions in the works in our feedback sheet,
  3. You’ll receive your rewards from the Panther team in your wallet should the bug report be relevant.

About Panther

Panther is a decentralized protocol that enables interoperable privacy in DeFi using a zero-knowledge proof system.

Users can mint fully-collateralized, composable tokens called zAssets, which are minted by depositing allowed digital assets into Panther Vaults. zAssets and can be used to execute private transactions across multiple blockchain networks.

Panther helps investors protect their personal financial data and trading strategies, and provides financial institutions with a clear path to compliantly participate in DeFi.

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