Testnet Stage 6 is now live with improved fee management

Testnet Stage 6 is now live with improved fee management

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Fellow Panthers,

First and foremost, thank you to the community of over 3000 testnet users who have been testing and sharing valuable feedback. Your continued support and patience are critically important to our mission.

Testnet Stage 5 is now complete, and it provided us with valuable insights, resulting in several updates to our codebase.

We are excited to announce that Stage 6 of our testnet is live. Stage 6 includes simulated fee management, AMM refilling mechanisms, simulated limited subsidy rewards, onboarding enhancements using a bundler service, and several technical improvements to our testing environment.

Note: Panther’s test network is now live on Amoy, Polygon’s test network, and can be accessed here. Due to this network change, users will need to complete the onboarding process again and activate their test zAccount. Users who are using their old accounts, however, will not have to go through PureFi credential process again and will be moved directly to the account activation. This is a one-time activity required to access Panther.  

Getting started with Stage 6

To start testing Stage 6, visit here for the updated dApp test link and follow the steps. Here are some of the features you can look forward to testing in Stage 6:

This release introduces the mechanism for charging different types of fees within the simulated testnet, including Protocol Fees, Network Gas Fees, KYT fees and KYC Fees. All simulated fees are paid from the Panther Gas account in tZKP. 

AMM Refilling with Protocol Fees
Simulated protocol fees collected during the testing will be deposited into the AMM’s pool of tZKP. 

Limited Subsidy Rewards
The production (mainnet) version of Panther Protocol will include a feature that will allow to introduce additional rewards to partially or fully compensate costs like Network Gas Cost, KYC, KYT and Miner fees, in service of encouraging use of the platform. Stage 6 of our testnet simulates this feature for testing purposes.

Note: This feature is designed to cover only tZKP-nominated fees, and will not involved test MATIC or other native test network tokens unless using the relayer service.

Note: As the protocol developer, Panther Ventures Limited is resuming the testnet after re-deployment on Amoy. Panther Protocol Foundation is finalizing the details of the reward mechanism and will ensure that testers are rewarded proportionally to their efforts and we expect all incentives will be distributed via airdrop. This blog will be updated with more specifics in the coming days.


For the avoidance of doubt, tZKP, tzZKP, tPRP, test MATIC, and any other tokens mentioned in this announcement or within the product are for testing purposes only and have no economic value, nor can they be exchanged for value. 

Participation on our incentivized Testnet versions may result in you earning rewards, but such credits are not represented on any blockchain as tokens.

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