Monthly Update | March

Monthly Update | March

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Fellow Panthers,

Team Panther made significant product development progress in March and expanded its ecosystem. We successfully released an intermediate stage called Enhancement-1 after Stage 4 while also making progress with the development of Stages 5 & 6 of our testnet. On top of this, the Panther tester community experienced significant growth, reaching over 2,500 testers. 

Read on to hear more about the growth of the ecosystem, details about our progress in product development, and get a glimpse into what's on the horizon for April.

Ecosystem updates

Panther's CTO Discusses Future of DeFi Privacy on Epicenter Podcast

Anish Mohammed, Co-Founder, CTO, and Chief Scientist at Panther Protocol, recently joined Meher Roy on the Epicenter Podcast. They discussed Anish’s journey into crypto, the genesis of Panther Protocol, how Panther will preserve the privacy of its users, what’s coming in its Mainnet launch, and its mission to enable privacy and compliance in the DeFi space. Anish’s appearance on the podcast can be found on several platforms, including Market Insider and Benzinga, thanks to our partnership with a leading media distributor.

Blog: how Panther zAssets enhance user privacy in DeFi

Our latest blog examines how Panther’s multi-chain privacy-preserving protocol intends to offer users access to public ledger liquidity while providing transactional anonymity.

Panther’s CTO, Anish Mohammed, joins ZK Demo Day as a judge 

Our Co-Founder and CTO, Anish Mohammed, recently participated as a judge at ZK Demo Day, where he shared the stage with notable leaders from Blackrock, top venture capital firms, Web3 protocols, and other industry leaders. 

Panther Team at Eth Denver 

Earlier in March, Panther’s CEO - Oliver Gale, CTO - Anish Mohammed, and Head of Products - Saif Akhtar, joined industry leaders at ETH Denver along with multiple other side events to discuss a multi-faceted perspective on ZK, data privacy, and more with Web3 builders.

Panther integrates Kyber Network to revolutionize private access to DEXs


We recently announced our integration with the Kyber Network to revolutionize private access to DEXs while minimizing slippage. With the integration, Panther users can execute trades through the Kyber Network aggregator, which sources liquidity from multiple DEXs. These trades are obscured by Panther’s privacy-enhancing technology, ensuring that the details of the transactions remain confidential.

Panther Get Started video guide for deposit, withdraw, and transfer 

The second part of our Panther product series is now available! This video offers a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to help you navigate deposits, withdrawals, and transfers with your Panther test account effortlessly. Don’t miss out—watch our tutorial now!

Panther Protocol testnet and rewards update

The testnet currently has over 2500 participants, and we’ve distributed over 700,000 $ZKP as rewards. The team is planning to launch a Zealy-based incentivized ambassador program in the coming weeks to improve community participation further.  

Our testnet rewards pot is 2 million $ZKP — have you signed up for our test dApp yet to earn your share? Grab the latest link from Panther’s docs to join our testing group and receive your $ZKP rewards.

Successful First Audit of Zero Knowledge Circuits and Circom

We partnered with Veridise, a leader in blockchain security that specializes in Zero-Knowledge Circuits, Smart Contracts, and Blockchains, to audit our Zero-Knowledge Circuits and Circom. We have successfully complete our initial audit. Our team worked closely with Veridise's technical staff, promptly implementing necessary updates. Conducting this audit at an early stage proved to be very helpful, giving us a chance to continue to refine our systems and conduct thorough testing ahead of our mainnet beta release.

Coming Soon:

Stage 5 developments

Stage 5 includes using a third party Relayer service and supports gasless transactions via an Account Abstraction Paymaster contract. The development for Stage 5 is complete and will be announced separately.

Stage 6 developments

Stage 6 of the testnet dApp includes fee management and basic disclosures. The team has made significant progress on Stage 6 development and is looking forward to releasing it for community testing by mid-April. 

Stage 7 developments

Stage 7 of the testnet will allow testers to swap zAssets on top 3 Swap protocols on Polygon, including Uniswap V3 while keeping and tracking your operation history in the dApp. The team plans to work on the Stage 7 development in April.

About Panther

Panther Protocol is a cross-protocol layer that uses Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology to build DeFi solutions that aim to meet ever-evolving regulatory standards while satisfying users’ on-chain data privacy needs. Panther’s goal is to enable seamless access to DeFi via a cross-chain-supported ZK compliance protocol. The Panther Protocol offers confidentiality across transactions in shielded pools, zSwap for DeFi integrations — enabling private swaps on third-party DEXs, and zTrade for internal OTC book for trading assets privately. Furthermore, Panther Protocol’s ZK primitives are generalizable to KYC, selective disclosures between trusted parties, private ID, voting, and data verification services.

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