Monthly Update: November 2023

Monthly Update: November 2023

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Fellow Panthers,

It’s time to review what Team Panther was up to in November and our plans for December. Here's everything you should know:

Communication Updates

Panther Expands Its Marketing Efforts with New Hires

We’re excited to share that we’re expanding our marketing efforts with a focus on the mainnet launch. We recently hired Manwendra Mishra as a Product Marketing Manager for Panther Protocol. Manwendra brings diversified experience across industries, including as the first marketer for blockchain analytics firm, Merkle Science. Before moving to Web3, Manwendra was a marketer at leading cybersecurity company, Radware(NASDAQ: RDWR). He can be contacted through Telegram @manwendramishra or on Discord @manwendra.

Panther plans to further expand its marketing team with two more hires in the coming weeks.

Panther Community Votes to Extend the Advanced Staking Program

Advanced Staking V4 is now live for the next four months and $ZKP holders can now stake their tokens again. You can learn more about how to stake your $ZKP here

Panther’s CEO, Oliver Gale Joins Web3 Leaders at the EBC9 - Barcelona

Earlier in November, Panther Protocol’s Co-founder and CEO, Oliver Gale, joined a panel discussion on web3 privacy along with leaders from Secret Network and Zama at the European Blockchain Convention. You can watch a recording of the session here.

Our Co-founder and CTO, Anish Mohammed, to be a Judge at the ETH India Hackathon

Our Co-founder and CTO, Anish Mohammed, will be a judge at the ETH India hackathon happening on Dec. 8th - 10th in Bengaluru, India. Anish will also be speaking at other side events happening along with ETH India such as the Proof of Security Summit 2023 and Metamorphosis 2023.

Want to connect with Anish at ETH India? Drop us a line at

Product Updates

Stage 2 Developments

Stage 2 Development Is Complete

With the successful launch of the Recharge function earlier last month, we have completed the deployment of Stage 2, a significant milestone in our journey!

You can learn more about our incentivized testnet Stage 2 here

Stage 3 Developments

Stage 3 developments are delayed by two weeks due to technical roadblocks. Here’s a deep dive into stage 3 development: 


The main transaction circuit is ready for Stage 3. We’ve also upgraded our circuits to improve overall protocol security. We have further completed the testing for Rewards Extended Circuit and Balance Checker.


The Vault V1 contract has been delivered. Further, the main transaction function of the Pool contract which is the foundation for the stage 3 development has been implemented. We’ve also successfully completed all unit tests. We expect to complete integration testing by this week. 


We made significant progress on our dApp in November. Key achievements include the implementation of transaction tracking in the Wallet Engine and the development of a logic for Know Your Transactions (KYT) attestation for both native tokens and $ZKP tokens on the selected chain.

We have also introduced Commitment Message Encryption to handle sent and received UTXO's commitment hashes, which are critical for rebuilding past transaction history. Our team is further on track to complete updates for Stages 1 and Stage 2 by December 6th, enhancing our dApp's functionality and user experience.

UI/UX DesignThe community should expect a brand new design work to be released as part of Stage 3.

Roadmap for December 

We’re looking to launch Stage 3 and Stage 4 in December. Tech Team is further analyzing other wallet integrations to Panther dApp.

About Panther

Panther is a cross-protocol layer that uses zero-knowledge technology to build DeFi solutions that meet regulatory requirements and satisfy users' on-chain data privacy needs. The goal of Panther is to allow seamless access to DeFi and create a cross-chain-supported architecture that serves different use cases. Panther's zero-knowledge primitives are also generalizable to KYC, selective disclosures between trusted parties, private ID, voting, and data verification services.

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