Weekly Update | Panther Protocol

Weekly Update | Panther Protocol

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Fellow Panthers,

It's time to review what Team Panther was up to last week. Here's everything that transpired at Panther last week:

Communication Updates

BitMart Lists Zero-Knowledge DeFi Pioneer Panther Protocol's $ZKP

We are excited to announce Panther Protocol's $ZKP listing on BitMart, a leading cryptocurrency exchange operating in over 180 countries. This listing is part of our ongoing effort focused on strategic partnerships and exchange listings before our V1 Mainnet launch, aimed at providing improved accessibility, various trading options, and a more efficient, cost-effective transaction experience for our community members and $ZKP holders.

Complete announcement here.

Panther Onboards Renato Zamagna as Marketing Communications Manager

We're delighted to onboard Renato Zamagna as a Marketing Communications Manager for Panther Protocol. With a rich cryptocurrency and blockchain marketing background since 2016, Renato brings invaluable experience to our team. He has held leadership roles at Ankr, EMURGO, and Bulla Network, among others. While his expertise and insight have taken him worldwide, Renato Zamagna calls the Netherlands his home. He can be contacted through Telegram @renato_ZKP or on Discord @renato_zkp.

Panther Protocol Testnet and Rewards Update

Current testnet users: 386
Total rewards distributed: 140,000 $ZKP

The total amount of Testnet rewards is proposed to be 1.5M $ZKP, with an additional 0.5M $ZKP in reserve to cover additional rewards, if needed.

Have you signed up for our testnet yet? Sign up here to join our community and receive your $ZKP rewards.

Product Updates

Stage 3 Developments

Stage 3 development is delayed by two to three weeks. As development progressed, it was necessary to make a few major upgrades as part of this stage:

  • Circuit update to enhance the security of the overall protocol.
  • UI Redesign was initiated as part of Stage 3, which means completely changing the design for the dApp for all previous stages as well.

Current Status

The smart contracts needed for Stage 3 are ready and are being integrated and tested with the dApp. This includes the Vault smart contract and the ability to interact with Stealth addresses within Panther.

The UI for Stage 3 is completed, and currently, the dApp is being integrated and finalized for tests.

Community Questions

When will the team announce Stage 3 and Stage 4 of the testnet?

The team aims to release both stage 3 and stage 4 of the testnet this month.

About Panther

Panther is a cross-protocol layer that uses zero-knowledge technology to build DeFi solutions that meet regulatory requirements and satisfy users' on-chain data privacy needs. The goal of Panther is to allow seamless access to DeFi and create a cross-chain-supported architecture that serves different use cases. Panther's zero-knowledge primitives are also generalizable to KYC, selective disclosures between trusted parties, private ID, voting, and data verification services.

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