Weekly Update | Panther Protocol

Weekly Update | Panther Protocol

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Fellow Panthers,

It’s time to review what Team Panther was up to last week. Here's everything that transpired at Panther last week:

Marketing Updates

Extension of the Advanced Staking Program

Advanced Staking V4 is now live for the next four months and $ZKP holders can now stake their tokens again. This was made possible due to the successful approval of PIP-19 and the commendable efforts of our community members for updating related smart contracts and deploying a new frontend on IPFS. You can learn more about how to stake your $ZKP here

Panther Protocol’s CEO, Oliver Gale, at the European Blockchain Convention

Panther Protocol’s Co-founder and CEO, Oliver Gale, joined a panel discussion on web3 privacy along with leaders from Secret Network and Zama at the European Blockchain Convention. This panel was part of the Secret Soiree side event on the final day of the convention. You can watch a recording of the session below.

Product Updates

Stage 2 Developments

Recharge Functionality

Making further advancements on Stage 2 of the protocol, the development of recharge functionality for Protocol Rewards has been completed and will be announced separately once the vesting of $tZKP is configured. The Recharge function is the cornerstone of the protocol’s reward system and allows protocol rewards vested on Mainnet to be injected into the reward distribution process on Polygon (viz the one-sided AMM launched in Stage 2). This dynamic interplay with the AMM pool through the Recharge function fosters active user participation while maintaining a responsive and adaptive reward structure within the protocol. 

You can learn more about our reward structure here

Stage 3 Developments


The main transaction circuit is ready for Stage 3 and the team will perform the unit testing of the Rewards Extended Circuit and Balance Checker this week. Panther Core dApp user interface is dependent on the smart contract interactions and the circuits designed for these interactions. The design of these circuits is planned in stages to cover basic scenarios first and then move to more complex handling of input parameters.  


The main transaction function of the Pool contract which is the foundation for the stage 3 development has been implemented. We expect to complete integration testing by this week. The Vault V1 contract was delivered earlier and is in review now. 

UI/UX Design

A new version of Panther V1 Design is being worked on and the community should expect a brand new design work to be released as part of Stage 3.

Community Questions

When will the team publish the updated roadmap?

The team plans to release an updated product roadmap this week.

About Panther

Panther is a cross-protocol layer that uses zero-knowledge technology to build DeFi solutions that meet regulatory requirements and satisfy users' on-chain data privacy needs. The goal of Panther is to allow seamless access to DeFi and create a cross-chain-supported architecture that serves different use cases. Panther's zero-knowledge primitives are also generalizable to KYC, selective disclosures between trusted parties, private ID, voting, and data verification services.

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