Weekly Update | Panther Protocol

Weekly Update | Panther Protocol

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Fellow Panthers,

As this week wraps up, we’re excited to share our latest news. This week’s update covers the latest updates regarding our ecosystem and testnet development.

Ecosystem updates

Alpha Protection Through Privacy: A Web3 privacy primitive for DeFi

Did you miss Panther Co-Founder and CEO Oliver Gale’s presentation at last week’s ETHDam conference? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Read our latest blog for a recap. 

Panther’s CTO, Anish Mohammed, on Proof of Podcast

This week, our Co-Founder and CTO, Anish Mohammed, joined Hake from the Proof of Podcast to discuss tokenomics design and cryptography.

Panther’s CEO, Oliver Gale, at ETH Dam

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Oliver Gale, was on the stage at Crypto Canal’s ETHDam on April 13 to share his insights on alpha protection through privacy for DeFi users.

Product updates.

Testnet re-deployment on Ethereum Sepolia

As the Mumbai testnet has ceased operations, Panther will deploy the testnet to Ethereum Sepolia network next week. We will publish more details on how to test and receive test rewards on Sepolia in our docs next week. 

Stage 6 developments

Stage 6 of the testnet dApp includes fee management and basic disclosures. Development for Stage 6 is complete and currently under testing. The team plans to release Stage 6 for community testing later this month. 

Stage 7 development

Stage 7 of the testnet dApp includes DeFi swaps, advanced disclosures, other supported assets, and canary deployment (use of real tokens). The team is working on Stage 7 parallel to Stage 6 and Enhancement Stage 2. We are working on UI/UX development and integration with different DeFi tools, including Uniswap, and expects to release Stage 7 for community testing in the first week of May.

About Panther

Panther Protocol is a cross-protocol layer that uses Zero-Knowledge technology to build DeFi solutions that aim to meet ever-evolving regulatory standards while satisfying users’ on-chain data privacy needs. Panther’s goal is to enable seamless access to DeFi via a cross-chain-supported ZK compliance protocol. Panther Protocol offers confidentiality across transactions in Shielded Pools; zSwap for DeFi integrations — enabling private swaps on third-party DEXs; and zTrade for internal OTC book for trading assets privately. Furthermore, Panther Protocol’s Zero-Knowledge primitives are generalizable to KYC, selective disclosures between trusted parties, private ID, voting, and data verification services.

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