Weekly Update | Panther Protocol

Weekly Update | Panther Protocol

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Fellow Panthers,

Another productive week in the world of Panther, And it's time to share all important developments from the last week:

Communication Updates

BitMart Lists Zero-Knowledge DeFi Pioneer Panther Protocol's $ZKP

We are excited to announce Panther Protocol's $ZKP listing on BitMart, a leading cryptocurrency exchange operating in over 180 countries. This listing is part of our ongoing effort focused on strategic partnerships and exchange listings before our V1 Mainnet launch, aimed at providing improved accessibility, various trading options, and a more efficient, cost-effective transaction experience for our community members and $ZKP holders.

Complete announcement here.

Panther Protocol Testnet and Rewards Update

  • Number of current testnet users: 420
  • Total rewards distributed: 140,000 $ZKP

The proposed total amount of Testnet rewards is 1.5M $ZKP, with an additional 0.5M $ZKP in reserve to cover any additional rewards, if necessary.

Have you signed up for our testnet yet? Sign up here to join our community and receive your $ZKP rewards.

Product Updates

Stage 3 Developments

Stage 3 development is complete, and internal testing has begun. The Stage 3 release consists of the following elements:

  • Whitelisting additional assets: Testnet users can now deposit test Matic in addition to test ZKPs into Panther's Multi-Asset Shielded Pool.
  • Account level Gas $zZKP: When it comes to $ZKP, users can now deposit and store $ZKP either as a zAsset ($zZKP) or as a zAccount Gas (Gas $zZKP). At the time of deposit, testnet users will have the flexibility to divide their ZKP deposit amount between the two. The Gas $zZKP can be used to pay for Protocol fees and others, including Relayers, Oshiya, and any external services that enhance protocol services beyond the core.

Testnet Rewards update

  • Onboarding Rewards: To better compensate our testnet users, we have increased onboarding rewards to 3000 PRPs.
  • Refill Voucher: We have further increased the refill voucher to 500 PRPs for the testnet users.

Gear up for the announcement of Stage 3. We'll soon unveil detailed steps on how to use testnet Stage 3. Stay tuned!

Community Questions

When will Stage 3 and Stage 4 be launched?

We are excited to announce that Stage 3 is expected to launch this week. Additionally, we are on track to unveil Stage 4 this month.

About Panther

Panther remains dedicated to its vision of a cross-protocol layer leveraging zero-knowledge technology. Our goal is to create DeFi solutions that not only meet regulatory requirements but also respect and protect on-chain data privacy. As we continue to make progress, we remain committed to enabling seamless access to DeFi and fostering a diverse, cross-chain ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for your continuous support and belief in our mission.

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