Weekly Update | Panther Protocol

Weekly Update | Panther Protocol

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Fellow Panthers,

Another week has passed in the dynamic world of Panther, and it's time to share our latest updates and progress. This update provides a rundown of all the important developments from the past week:

Communication Updates

Testnet Stage 3 is now live with a new design, enhanced security, and added features

We're excited to announce that Stage 3 of our testnet is live. Stage 3 enables users to use the newly allowlisted test Matic and test $ZKPs in Panther's Shielded Pool.

Learn more about Stage 3 of our testnet.

Panther hires Harrie Bickle to improve product documentation

Harrie Bickle has joined the Panther team as a Senior Technical Writer. Harrie brings over a decade's experience in Documentation and Product Marketing and has been in the blockchain space since 2018. Her range spans writing and editing articles, whitepapers, yellow papers, developer portals, and API documentation.

We are delighted to welcome Harrie and look forward to seeing our documentation reach a new level, thanks to her expertise gained while editing for Starkware in the Zero Knowledge space and building out developer portals for Qredo's crypto trading API and Neon EVM's Solana settlement layer solution.

Panther Protocol Testnet and Rewards Update

  • Number of current testnet users: 400*
  • Total rewards distributed: 200,000 $ZKP

The proposed total amount of testnet rewards is 1.5M $ZKP. Have you signed up for our testnet yet? Learn more and sign up to join our testnet and receive your $ZKP rewards.

*Data includes up to Stage 2 testnet; Stage 3 data to follow. 

Product Updates

Stage 4 Developments

Stage 4 of our testnet allows users to send zAssets inside the pool from one zAccount to another. The UI visual layer for Stage 4 is complete, including the send/receive screen and UTXO selection modal. We have also completed unit tests for the recent changes in the rewards extended circuit.

Stage 5 Developments

The team has been working on Stage 5 in parallel with Stage 4 for the last month. Stage 5 includes using a 3rd party Bundler service and the ability to submit gasless transactions using an Account Abstraction Paymaster contract. 

At this stage, integration tests are ongoing with the Bundler services. The remaining work includes dApp development to allow users to select Bundler, fee management, and the final round of integration tests.

Oshiya Upgrade

The team has been working to document and finalize the specifications for Oshiya, previously known as Panther Miner. Details will follow soon; paving the way for community contributions. 

Community Questions:

When will Stage 4 be launched?
The team is targeting the 3rd week of January for Stage 4's launch.

When will the frontend issues related to advanced staking be resolved?
The team has fixed the frontend issues related to advanced staking. The subgraph has been redeployed and data synching is working as expected. As a result, users can now see their staked balance and relevant details.

About Panther

Panther remains dedicated to its vision of a cross-protocol layer leveraging zero-knowledge technology. Our goal is to create DeFi solutions that not only meet regulatory requirements but also respect and protect on-chain data privacy. As we progress, we remain committed to enabling seamless access to DeFi and fostering a diverse, cross-chain ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for your continuous support and belief in our mission.

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